Posted on: March 16, 2008 8:30 pm

Should The NCAA Tournament Be Expanded?

Some teams got left out that had legitement argument about being left out. It is me belief that it should! What do you think let hear your opinion!
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Posted on: March 8, 2008 1:34 am

All The Shooting at The Schools Lately!

It is a shame that the future leaders of this country can't even go to school lately. Whether it be high school or college without having to worry about getting shot and killed. This is not an inner city problem like a lot of people would like to think. these shooting are happening  in the suburbs. It is a sad reality but, our youngsters need to be vigilant in their every day lives. What is the answer to the problem? "I don't know!" It is obvious that all the gun control laws are not working. It is easier for a criminal to get a gun then a law biding citizens. We are a country that has many problems and not enough answers. A question I believe we should ask ourselves is where this countries morals are. I'm not talking about religion or anything like that. We as a country like to turn our heads to the many domestic problems that we have. I blame the leaders of this country for worrying more about themselves and their own agenda, then their constituents. Are government is by the people, for the people! But, they same to have forgotten that. My heart goes out to the University of North Carolina and the other schools who have been effected by the recent tragedies lately! Their are a lot of us who have you all in our thoughts and prayers!
Posted on: February 29, 2008 9:14 pm

Best All Time Man Movies!

     What do you think are the best all time Man Movies? These are mine. #1. Gladiator, #2. 300, #3.Ben Hur, #4. Full Metal Jacket, and #5. Heartbreak Ridge. I do have to give honorable mention to the Blues Brothers and Animal House. These movies in my opinion give the true essence of what a true man is. A man is all about fighting, sex and partying! Come all you guys out there lets hear your opinion!
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Posted on: February 21, 2008 8:34 pm

Where Does Espn Get All Their Experts?

I have to question the people of ESPN, The people that they get for their so called experts are text book nerds, who where either picked last in gym class or not picked at all. The two main ones I'm talking about are John Clayton and Skip Bayless. These guys even get question by people they work with. John Clayton, I would bet never even played football at any level. Just because your a sports reporter doesnt make you right or even an expert. If you watch Skip Bayless he always put sports athletes down. Like he could even do better. All these guys are in this writers opinion are glorified couch potatoes. Who don't know crap. CBS and the other network affiliates put people in the sports shows who have played the sport at the level they are broadcasting. their opinion holds more weight then most of the idiots at ESPN. 
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Posted on: February 14, 2008 6:30 pm

Sports Stars and Reality!

I am a huge sports fan. But I am also serving my country. When I hear about players using proformance inhancing drugs and coaches taping other teams it blows my mind. These guys make from the league min to multi millions. Then you get most of these big butt and prissy boys who when they get a little boo boo they sit out. When myself and the guys who are serving this wonderful country have an ankle sprain when still go on missions because we dont want to let are brothers in arms down. Most of these players couldn't even do what we do. Our uniforms mean 1000 times more then theirs do. To be able to do what they do is a privlage not a right they aren't intitaled to anything. Do not get me wrong, It takes alot of skill to do what they do and I most likely can't do what they do. But there is no congressional medal of honor for a pro athelet. Now on to Bill Belichick he is a fraud he was a average coach with the Cleveland Browns then he comes to New England now he is in the talk of one of the greatest. Please he has no honor, courage, or commitment. He is no better than the guys who have been arrested for insider trading. Bottom line is the people who play and coach in pro sports need to get their priorities straight it is only a game and dosen't even have a big effect on the world. If your god given tallent isn't cutting it then dont cheat!
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